A Bedtime Story

I stare down through the gloom at the sleeping figures on the bed, two small and one looming larger. So peaceful looking, half moon eyelashes dark against pale cheeks. They look so little, I think, so innocent and vulnerable. My babies. My eyes fill up, I blink quickly. The largest one stirs. He snorts, grunts, rolls over and starts snoring. These elephantine noises bring me back to reality. I’m so tired, time to sleep.

…..Hang on. This is my bed I’m sitting on. Once again there are three people in it (one of which is a snoring elephant). If I shoved the three year old over, I could just about get some mattress space. Okay, now that leaves me about six inches on the pillow for my head. Hows that? Nope, if I relax I’ll be off. And I have a nose full of scraggly hair. Too tickly. Oh hang it all, I’m off. I poke the elephant in the ribs, it twitches and half opens its eyes. Don’t roll on the baby, I say.

Hello small single bed with a mountain of teddies at one end. I get in, kicking the heavier teddies off. I sleep. For 45 minutes. The three year old staggers in “Mummy!” she sobs, “that’s my bed!”.


No idea why we bothered to buy a three bedroomed house. Should downsize to a one bed and stash the cash that’s left, after buying one massive bed. Then at the very least I might get some sleep. zzzz
The End

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