What’s The Blogging Point?

I’ve written this post as a reminder to myself more than anything else. Basically, you know when you walk into a room and totally forget what on earth you are there for? Yeah like that.

So, why am I blogging? The reasons are threefold:

  1. I have always wanted to write. Simple as that really. Apart from some rather cringy fan-fiction at 17, I have never got around to it. So what made me finally bite the bullet? The idea for a blog came about at the same time as our decision to shake things up, and subsequently got caught up with the same mentality that started us down this path of saving money and reaching our goal: Just do it. Get on with it for goodness sake or I’ll always be day dreaming about it rather than flipping doing it. If I applied the same thinking to the washing pile or to the inch of dust covering every surface, I would have an immaculate house!
  1. Accountability. We realised early on in our ‘journey’ (urgh hate that word but can’t think of a better one) that we needed to publicise what we are doing and aiming for. If we kept it to ourselves then it would be way too easy to slide back into normal habits. If no one knows you have failed, does it count as failing? Deep. We need all the help we can get. If people know what we are up to then the thought of questions like, ‘hey I thought you guys were going to move to the woods and live like hippies and use acorns as money? How come you still haven’t done it?’, is not a nice one. Essentially, you are helping us to get where we want to be, whether you want to or not! Its also good to have a record of our endeavour (that’s a better word). Then we can look back and say, smugly, ‘look how far we have come!’, as our future selves sip frugally sourced blackberry wine from the sanctuary of our country idyl.
  1. Finally, it is to counter the effects of two doses of baby brain. I have felt my brain cells dying as I try to string a coherent sentence together, about something other than night feeds and dirty nappies. Baby induced exhaustion and brain power do not coexist happily. Writing this on and off, as I have been doing for the last month or so, has been extraordinarily beneficial for my poor burnt out neurons.
How most of the posts are written....

How most of the posts are written….

Those were the reasons for entering the blogosphere in the first place. However, to be perfectly honest the number one reason for carrying on is that I have come to enjoy it. That should be sufficient enough reason to do anything, surely (actually, I don’t think that’s strictly true. For instance an enjoyment of arson…).

And why ‘Blackberry Mummy’? I hear you ask (a total of one person has actually asked me that). Well, I was faffing around, procrastinating about not having a name or a title for the blog and Mr. B. got fed up. He said, in an exasperated tone, ‘just call it mummy blackberry or something’. We had been blackberrying that afternoon and I was covered in blackberry juice that the youngest had oozed all over me, so I thought, yeah that fits. Obviously I couldn’t let him have the last word though, so I swapped it around.

It’s lucky we had been out blackberrying, or I would have ended up with something like ‘Snot/Baked Beans/This Mornings’ Weetabix Mummy’, which is what I’m normally covered with.

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