Autumn: Saving, Showering, Shivering and Shopping.

Last month we fell off the frugal wagon a bit. Nothing too drastic but we were lax about tracking our spending, therefore the lack of accountability meant some people (*cough* Mr. B.* cough*) frittered away the pennies. I say frittered, I think gulped them down in pint glasses is more appropriate. That’s a bit harsh (not really). I was no angel either. A night out in London for a friends’ birthday (which was awesome!), and a hair cut were my Achilles Heel. But hey, a girl’s gotta live! I haven’t been tempted back to Sainsbury’s yet so we’re still saving on the food shop compared to before,. Things are not as bad as they could be, and despite all this we still saved a grand total of 50 quid….get in.

The back to school feeling of September always catches me off guard. After the halcyon days of the summer holidays and being away for a week, reality comes as a shock. I have to get up and make another packed lunch? What and be dressed in actual clothes before 8 am? Blimey. Additionally, as there are other people doing the pre-school run, and it is frowned upon to wear paper bags over ones’ head, I’m having to play the shower roulette game more often (will the baby wake this time???). Who am I kidding, I’m just going through my dry shampoo at a faster rate.

However, October is here and with it, the dawning of another Austerity Month. We are going to sort ourselves out and do things properly. Stop spending unnecessary cash, and save our socks off (not literally). Problem is though, the weather has also changed. It was jolly cold this morning on the walk/scoot to pre-school. I wore a scarf. The pre-schooler, whose commute it is, wore her winter coat. The baby was stuck with his habitual hoody as he does not posses a winter coat. My fingers got frizzed while pushing the pushchair. Pre-schooler announced that her hands were too chilly for scooting, resulting in mummy carrying the scooter and pushing the pushchair up the giant hill towards school. That wore out warmed mummy up at least (*chants* look on the bright side, look on the bright side…). Now I’m very aware that the weather is only going to get colder and wetter, so herein lies my dilemma. I clearly need to equip my children for the changing seasons, but how to do it in the most money savvy way possible? (Brace yourselves for some real life actual problems…)

THE scooter

THE scooter

The aforementioned winter coat fits and is warm but is not waterproof. I intend to walk to pre-school as much as I can this year, as it is actually quicker than driving (saves petrol and counts as exercise, allowing week long guilt-free cake consumption), so I can guarantee rain. Do I replace it? The baby needs one too, but that’s simpler to sort out, as he’ll be in the pushchair and under a rain cover. Gloves are needed as mummy lugging scooters defeats the point of having said scooters. Do I go to Asda or JoJo? Asda clothes are not bad, but is it worth buying for quality rather than risking it with cheapo gloves/coat which might not last the season? The sleep deprived (lazy) me says Asda, as that will save me dragging myself into town. I also need new shoes as I can feel the pavement through my current favourites.

This mornings' guilt-free muffin.

This mornings’ guilt-free muffin.

The best frugal option is to buy second hand, especially for kids things as they insist on growing at a rate of knots. I spend a fair amount of time hiding in the kitchen trawling through facebook sites that sell second hand kids stuff. The problematic winter coat came from such a site last year. The issue with this, though, is that you are at the mercy of the sellers. If they have nothing to sell, you are stuck. Do I wait until an appropriate coat becomes available? The prices are often ridiculously cheap, but who knows if what I need will ever appear. Do I buy a new coat and take this risk that one might appear the next day? Head scratching stuff.

I don’t know the answer by the way. I think I will just keep an eye on the forecast, and put it all off for as long as possible. One good thing about this chilly weather; all four humans in my house were occupying the same bed for the latter half of last night. Instead of being hot, sweaty and sleepless, I was warm and cosy. But still sleepless, obvs.

shoes, holes

Must not step in puddles 🙁

2 thoughts on “Autumn: Saving, Showering, Shivering and Shopping.

  1. Next-door with the noisy boys

    I always buy the boys gloves from pound land as you can guarantee they will lose them! As for the coat situation, could you buy some waterproof spray?

    1. Blackberry Mummy Post author

      Hadn’t thought of waterproof spray, good point, I’ll investigate. And poundland for gloves is a good tip too, thanks!


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