Splurging. Old Habits Die Hard

Since working towards our grand plan to move to the countryside and start our own business, I have learnt quite a lot about myself. I know; profound stuff. More specifically I have come to realise how I used to spend money in the past. I splurged. I wouldn’t spend for weeks but then have a shopping trip where I went mad, and that would be it again for another month or two. The catalyst for this splurge (love that word) could have been a simple need for new jeans, the ‘I haven’t been to the shops in a while’ excuse, or occasionally, the start of a new hobby.

When I was first married and living in our wonderful little flat in Eastbourne, I suddenly realised I had ‘spare time’ (?? I honestly do not know what that means anymore). With this ‘spare time’, I decided I could finally pursue my love of drawing that had always been put off for some reason or another. Great! I thought, I need new pencils and a new drawing pad and this and that and t’other. I took myself to The Works (love that place, but as you can see I focused on quantity rather than quality) and splurged. I did a bit of drawing after that to try out all my new stuff but most of it remains unused to this day (in a box in the roof).

Art in progress

Art in progress

When I got the sewing bug, about the time that Mr. B. took himself off to Afghanistan, I went fabric mad. Fat quarters, remnants and bias binding galore now fill a couple of bags residing in the roof. I did a bit, followed a lot of crafty blogs, then ran out of this thing called ‘spare time’ when I started a part-time MA, then had kids. I have used some of that fabric collection in the years since; to make seat pad covers and a drawstring bag for ballet, but that’s not really the point.

I started blogging a few months back (you might have noticed), the first thing I did was splurge on a domain name…..even though I knew it was going to be a blog based on our new money-saving-to-change-our-life-thing. Old habits die hard I suppose.

You get the point I think. Basically, it’s a case of all the gear and no idea. It even happened when we had the first little terror, three years ago. Ooo a baby, let’s buy All The Stuff! That is probably a bit more acceptable but ‘all the gear and no idea’ still rings true even now….

Since the domain name slip up, I have been trying very hard not to do it again. It has been tough, let me tell you. Making Mr. B. his lunches for work provided a great opportunity for a Tupperware splurge. Who doesn’t love new pots? With actual lids that match?? NO. I did need new ones as mine tend to get used by the small ones for fun games such as ‘fill up mummy’s’ pots with soil’ or ‘hunt the lid’ (lids usually to be found weeks later under the sofa/in the garden/not at all as I suspect they got hidden in the bin), or my personal favourite ‘chew the lid until it doesn’t fit properly anymore’. £1 for four from Asda did the trick.

General state of my kitchen floor at the end of the day.

General state of my kitchen floor at the end of the day.

On the flip side of the coin, sometimes money does need to be spent to be saved. I got Mr. B an insulated mug for his birthday (I know, what a wonderful wife I am!), so he can have money saving coffee on this daily commute. There is nothing more annoying than a hot beverage seeping into the fabric of your backpack and work computer. Nobody likes a leaky mug. So I made sure I brought a quality one that was definitely not the cheapest, or even middle of the range. The ‘no-spill guarantee’ cheerfully emblazoned on the sticker swayed me. So far it has stayed true to its marketing slogan and has seen lots of use already with plenty more to come – worth the money.

So there it is. I am changing my ways for the better and controlling the urge to splurge, definitely a good thing. It’s all about adjusting the way we spend money to fall in line with our new priorities.
Splurge. Fantastic word.

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