My Latest Addiction

Quick one today. I rely heavily on the small one’s naps while the bigger one is at pre-school to write stuff, so a half term is pretty much a write off (ha ha). Also I have discovered a new way to waste what little spare time I have – Pinterest!

Yes, yes, I know I am years late to the party. A couple of friends have been extolling the virtues of Pinterest* for ages but I basically ignored them. Well I can eat my proverbial hat now. Its great! All these lovely pictures, things to do and things to make and things to eat! So exciting. So dangerous. I have an urge to go out and buy lots of crafty things because the three year old will simply love to make [insert random Pinterest craft here]. I am badly in danger of splurging. Control is needed. This half term has seen us make pompoms and playdough already, only because I had all the stuff, and I had to find some outlet for this newfound (and probably short lived) creative energy.

Playdough and pompoms

Playdough and pompoms

I have grand plans for my new Pinterest addiction. Obviously I will be taking a frugal perspective and searching out recycling/upcycling/money saving things-to-do-with-kids. We will see if anything actually comes of it but in the meantime it is so fun to look at all the pictures! Also featuring in my grand planing is of course, Christmas (shhhh!! The eldest child might hear you think the word!!). I have been toying with the idea of doing some sort of homemade present, as it is usually more frugal and also more personal too. Once upon a time I was lacking inspiration and ideas. Not anymore! Oooo the possibilities are endless! I have so many ideas my head is bursting. I apologise profusely to those friends and family in the gift firing receiving line. There is a high probability that you may be presented with something which resembles those hilarious Pinterest failure pictures, rather than an actual gift.

Anyway, as I am up to my knees in flipping pompoms (which keep gathering in corners and scaring me as they look suspiciously like spiders), and my fridge is full of playdough, I had better go and do something more constructive. Like check Pinterest tidy up.

*I know, this totally sounds like this post is sponsored by Pinterest but I promise you it’s not. I am clearly just a bit obsessed.

Here I am if you wanted to know what you might be getting for Christmas…

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