October Finances

I am sure you’ve been dying to know how half term went after reading about it a couple of weeks ago. Also, October was our second go at Austerity Month (AM) and I know you’ll be wanting to hear about that too! No? Ah. Well, I’m going to tell you anyway….Don’t worry it’s not long!

September was a bit of a write-off. While we hadn’t marked it specifically as an AM, it was still shocking to see how easy it is to slip back into spending mode if we are not concentrating. So we needed to prove to ourselves that we could do the saving thing again. October was alright actually. We saved 7% of our monthly income. Not as good as our first go at AM but still a reasonable effort, as there was a Moped MOT (it failed) and subsequent repairs to account for. Mr. B has a fondness for spreadsheets (not judging), so he made this for me. He’s so romantic.

% of Monthly Income Notes
Necessary Outgoings 55.20% Mortgage, etc
Food 14.67%  
Mr and Mrs B. Expenses 10.24% Our spending outside of food shops (mostly Mr B)
Petrol 3.08%  
Unforecasted 9.52% Moped MOT and repairs
Savings 7.49% Doesn’t sound like much I know, but it’s better than nothing.

Half term did not leave its mark like I feared. I actually paid attention to myself and did what I 
said I would. It was a really social week and thankfully we only succumbed to the snot flood on the Friday. One of my friends had the genius idea of a clothes swap, so the little one gained a new wardrobe in return for some of his sister’s old clothes. Frugal win! We also did fun things at home and, thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, I definitely scored Mum points from the eldest, as well as frugal points, by making playdough (although I’m still picking it out of the carpet…Win? Not so much). The only child related expense was £6 for a flashy wand each (no, just the kids) at the village Bonfire Night. As the eldest had been looking forward to this event and getting said wand, for about a year, we thought it was fair enough.Not included in this table is the £58 that came from selling stuff that was lying around and getting on our nerves. This went straight into savings. Win.

We are rolling AM on into November as Winter Christmas is coming and we want to maximise our savings this year. Christmas is not going to break the bank and I have several plans in place to make sure it doesn’t. I’m sure I’ll be subjecting you to a post about that sometime soon (lucky you!).

Signing off now as I am entering a period of mourning. Poldark has finished. Talk to me next year.

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