Five Ways We Saved Money This* Month

*OK, I was generalising, some of this happened last month or maybe even in September, I’ve sort of lost track. It has only added up to a decent blog title worthy number this week, though. This was because on Sunday evening around 5 pm (awful timing):

  1. I cut my husbands hair! He asked me to, don’t worry. I wasn’t enacting revenge over him going to the pub after work, or giving me tea in the wrong mug (real problems). When we started saving money, haircuts were one of the first things we thought of as expenses to tackle. Mine are expensive at £46, Mr B.’s less so, the most he spends is £10, but goes more often than I do. For his birthday in the summer he received an amazon voucher, which he then spent on a hair cutting kit. It had its first use in half term when I cut the three year old’s hair, and this Sunday the clippers got broken in. It was terrifying. There was hair everywhere. There still is hair everywhere (and, yes, I have hoovered. Three times). It didn’t turn out too badly though, if I say so myself. I mean, apparently I can’t do straight lines (hehe sorry love) but it he looks alright! The three year old was much simpler, she sat stillish, a few snips, and that was that**. Her curls hide the wonky bits luckily. So from virtually no investment on our part, as it was essentially a gift, we saved money! Am I brave enough to let Mr B. do my hair? Err, no. Baby steps, people, baby steps.
Ready and waiting. Like the worst hair salon ever.

Ready and waiting. Like the worst hair salon ever.

  1. Window cleaning. This one is a bit dull. Basically after faffing around for ages about getting a window cleaner round, I missed my chance as we had started saving. Then I spent the whole summer not cleaning the windows, moaning about how dirty they were and thinking about ladders. One weekend in September my Dad said ‘why don’t you reach around and clean them from inside?’. So we did. I say ‘we’, it was actually Mr. B. who did it. Me and the kids yelled helpful things up at him from outside like, ‘Daddy you’ve missed a bit!’. Took nine months and ten minutes to do, saved us about £40 probably (never did get a quote). We’ll He’ll do it again when we can’t see out of them any more.  
  1. Clothes swap. Mentioned this before when I wrote about half term. Brill idea and manages to fulfil the desire for new stuff and ticked a few things off the list that the smallest one actually needed. Money saved!
  1. I found a toy kitchen in the rubbish! It was just sitting there, by the bins, looking sad. Being a bit of a scrounger opportunist, I had a sneaky look while I walked past. Seemed fine, just grubby. Dumped the eldest at pre-school and checked it out again on the way home. Yup, just as I thought, nothing wrong with it, just full of leaves. I checked with the owner of the bins (felt like such a scab, should have seen the way they looked at me) and was given the go ahead. So glad I had the car that morning, didn’t fancy my chances in getting it home on the buggy board. The reason I braved the odd looks and covered the passenger seat of the car in leaves and mud, is that I was on the lookout for something to use as a mud kitchen. I was thinking I’d get Mr. B to fashion something out of wood and nails but bingo, a free kitchen! It is now the most popular outdoor feature and the source of all the mud covering the carpets/coats/children.                                                                                                                
    Mud kitchen in action

    Mud kitchen in action


  2.  Ignored Black Friday. I don’t like Black Friday. It makes me feel like I’m missing out on getting a bargain on things that I might need one day in the future, so must buy them now. Panicky, it makes me feel panicky. Apparently, though, things aren’t as good as they may seem. So called Black Friday ‘deals’ may not be all that amazing, Mr B. did some reading. Obviously that may not apply to everything but it’s worth being a bit sceptical sometimes. Having said that, if you know what you want it is worth checking for any deals, there are a couple of things I’m after but after checking, BF hasn’t made enough difference for me to think it was worth it. I’ll wait until the January sales then check again!

So there you have it. I think the moral of the story is to DIY, re-cycle old things and stay in and away from the internet on Black Friday. Or ‘Black Friday week’ as it seems to be now, I mean, that doesn’t even make sense. Let’s leave it to the Americans, I think they do it better than we do anyway.

**totally worried she might decide to give herself/her brother a haircut now….

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  1. Carolyn

    Home haircuts can be scary or great. My children had gotten really bad haircuts at the barbers three times in a row. My sister yelled at me! Told me dont be cheap, take them to the barbers and get a decent haircut for them. I told her it was the barber that hacked their hair, not me. Then i watched youtube videos, bought a clipper set, and waited until the kids were out of school for the summer. My boyfriend, now hubby watched YouTube videos with me and i decided i was ready. I started on the younger child while he coached me on technique. Well i got flustered and asked him to finish. He did and results got compliments from the family. Next time both children let me know I was fired, older one said no, younger one followed suit. Thankfully hubby stepped up and took over, now it is his job each month. Sometimes he tells the kids to sit still or mommy will cut their hair and they scream NO! I tell him that is not funny. But he has been cutting my hair, so i dont get the bad haircuts i used to get when i had to go to the salon, so i cant get mad at him.


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