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We have not been very frugal recently. In fact, last month (June) was the first month in over a year that we ended the month with less money in the bank than we started with. Admittedly, we have spent the money on things like solicitors fees, a buildings survey and mortgage booking fees, which means that things are moving forward and all progress is positive. However, seeing that amount of money leaving our accounts makes me start to hyperventilate if I’m not careful. A bit daft of me really as this is the whole point of saving up in the first place, and Mr B has budgeted for everything (we think..!) so the money is going where it is supposed to. It means that THE MOVE has begun in earnest, the moment we have been saving up for has come to pass and we are putting our money where our mouth is and actually DOING IT *hides in a corner* it is very terrifying frightening petrifying ahhhhh! exciting.*

On a slightly less panic attack inducing note, we went Glamping! It was such fun. I was really only joking about the research thing before, but it actually proved to be incredibly useful as a source of ideas. We now know what sort of standard and feel we would like to achieve and that it is totally doable. The non research side of things was good too, the kids were so excited, it was great not having to pitch a tent when we first turned up and the fire pit was awesome. Mr B assumed control of that, obviously. ‘I am Man. Must make Fire.’ Pretty sure that is a verbatim quote. We all had a lot of fun. Not a lot of sleep though (see point about excited kids).

Our bell tent!

On to the main point about this post. Food. We have totally nailed the frugal food shop and at this time of year it gets even better. A tub of raspberries and bag of swiss chard from a good friend kicked things off (thank you – you know who you are!), meaning no veg in the food shop that week. This week, my Mums allotment has come up trumps and we are very well supplied with broad beans, potatoes and courgettes. They are now away on holiday and I am in charge of the allotment. In return for looking after it (and the cat. Must not forget the cat…**) I get to pick, cut and dig up as much yummy fresh stuff as I can. This is a massive bonus which will have a big impact on our food shops for a while. I’m going to make the most of it by freezing most of the peas and beans and cooking the courgettes up into things like cakes and ratatouille then freezing. It is also at this time of year that I get stressy about my freezer being too small and not having space for a bigger one.

Lush jungle of plentiful goodness

To give you an idea, I spent £36 at ASDA for this weeks shop. A record low. We average around £60 a week and £240 a month, and this includes all food, household products, toiletries and nappies. Other spending might fluctuate depending on how strong our will power is at any particular moment, but the food shop is reliably frugal. Having a free supply of fresh veg and some fruit will be a huge bonus, and at the very least will help us feel like we are saving something, as it all haemorrhages out the other side on move expenses.

Bean podding station.

Supplying ourselves with fruit and veg, allotment style, is what we hope to be able to do at the new place, eventually. And I’ll have room for the chest freezer of my (slightly sad tbh) dreams.


Peas, courgettes, potatoes, raspberries, french beans (from our garden, yes!) and two courgette cakes (not from the garden…from the oven…)

The smallest child has decided to help by saving us money on nappies, as he has basically potty trained himself over this last week. I had heard of this happening but thought it was a parenting myth, handed down from a bygone era. But, no, he has done it all on his todd. He stated making a fuss over having a wet nappy and asking for a change after every wee. Then started being dry at night and waking me up at six in the morning saying ‘mummy, my need weewee’ while hopping up and down. Now he has been dry for a week and informs me when he needs the loo. All this without any input from me, in fact, almost every time I suggest he might need a wee I get a very adamant ‘Nooo!’ followed by an evil glare, crossed arms and a stamped foot. I admit, it is quite clever of him, but it has left me stumped! I suppose I just have to go with the flow (no pun intended).

*It is exciting but I keep having to not think about the ‘what happens if it all falls through?!’ scenario….deep breaths….

**Don’t worry Mum. I haven’t forgotten the cat.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Food

  1. Blackberry granny

    So pleased you are making good use of it all. Cake looks really yummy, so hope there might be some left when we get home?!

  2. granny Rachel

    Had a son potty train himself one day to next. Nappy all day and night to none the next ever. Brilliant. PS wasn’t your good man.


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