In Limbo

Guest Post time! Mr B has kindly written a post for me. No, I am not being lazy. He has been meaning to for ages and has at last got around to it, with absolutely no nagging from me, despite what his opening line implies. No, I did not write it for him, although he did have to submit several drafts to the committee before it was finally approved (lol joking….or am I?). Obviously I needed to edit a bit here and there and couldn’t let him have all the fun.

He needs no introduction, he is of course, the one and only Mr B:

Limbo Period

Mrs. B has been asking me to write an article for this blog for quite some time. I’m not a writer and I often struggle to express myself with “good england”. But I have given it a go.  

As you know, I spend most of the day behind a computer screen talking to people across the world and providing them a valuable solution that will help their businesses grow, achieving their targets. Great….even during a blog post I throw in my elevator pitch (if anyone is looking for a Market Intelligence Solution please contact me on my work email* – you will be helping me hit my target 🙂 (I think he’s joking…? Editor) ). Whilst I am carrying out the daily routine of a fun commute up to London, looking at all those people in fun suits, having the time of their lives – you get the sarcasm picture – we are waiting for our solicitors to sort out all the relevant

paperwork for the property we are buying.

Now, Mrs. B and I have been trying to save as much money as we possibly can in order to purchase our dream house and land so we can start our own business and grab life with our vast loan from the bank hands. This does mean we spend as little as we can and save as much as we can. The more we aim at not spending money, the more I can see that the consumerist world has dragged the whole population in. Today I received a letter from my bank stating that I can upgrade my Current Account to a higher level. When discussing with the bank, they were shocked that I didn’t have a Credit Card.

Bank: “but Sir, with your higher level account you can get a better Credit Card which can help you and your family”

Me: “Really??? How??? By enticing me to spend more money which isn’t mine??? I already owe you money for my house, I’m not going to owe you money for useless things in my life” (He didn’t actually say that. Editor)

Frugal bank holiday beach fun. Not the best pic but all the other beach pictures contain child nudity….

In theory, it is very easy not to spend money (says the man who gets a coffee from Nero’s at least twice a week – ‘that’s ok I get cash back from it’ – no Mr B. that’s BAD!!!! (*rolls eyes* honestly! Ed)). However, since we have started the process of purchasing our dream property I have found myself slipping into a state of Limbo – we are almost there, the process was meant to have finished at the end of August,  with Mr and Mrs B + kids moving into the new house with all the possibilities  ahead of us. Did this happen? Of course not. Will this happen soon? Of course not, the days are turning into weeks, and now possibly months. Maybe end of September, October or November. Hopefully, not December. This means I have now been in a state of  anticipation for longer than expected and I have seen a resulting failing in my decent saving efforts. Because we have been “about to move” for a while, I have been in the mental state of, well it’s ok, let’s do it, let’s spend the money on something that may not be completely necessary – such as takeaways, the extra coffee in the morning, lunch (very much food related stuff – no evidence to show Mrs. B) (apart from your expanding waistline, I’m not that blind. Ed)

This has lead to a spiral of “defects” in the way I am living, spending has increased (I won’t be able to spend when I’m working from home, so that’s ok), exercising has decreased (it’s ok, there will be plenty of time for this in the new house), Enthusiasm is lacking (once in our dream house, life will be easier, it will be better, I will be stronger and faster). In the past couple of weeks, this behaviour has started to weigh on me, and also I have noticed the same with Mrs. B.(hmmm. Ed) There has been an increase in stress as the move has been moving (see what I did there) slowly and it coincides with our daughter going to school for the first time. This stress, the  amalgamation of events plus the return of bad spending (and exercising) habits is not a healthy way of living – hopefully we can move soon and all our problems will disappear. YAY!!! – Easy.

In the pumpkin patch. These pictures are just to brighten the place up, no relevance to the post whatsoever.

I’ve just re-read the last paragraph (without having to correct any of my English) (You’re right, I did that. Ed), and it sounds quite negative. I will however twist it into a positive frame. The last month or so has re-affirmed that, the way we lived before our decision to save more by spending less, was not fully satisfying. We were stuck in the rut, going with the flow, behaving like every other commuter on the 0716 train from Tunbridge Wells. The last month has reminded me that spending on unnecessary stuff does not fulfill my life and, in actual fact, is the catalyst that degrades it. When I spend money, I have found that I don’t exercise as much, meaning that I feel less motivated and energetic, therefore I eat more, spend more money, and the cycle goes on. Saving and spending money is like exercise, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

I am very much looking forward to these next few weeks when I will start again to save, exercise and plan for our (hopefully) impending move. Watch this space! (Not literally. Ed.)


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