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Thank Goodness, Half Term Is Here

Well, half term is here, and this time it really matters. The four year old has done her first term, has enjoyed it and been happy and excited to go most mornings but is very tired and in need of a rest. But never mind her. What about me!? I have just completed my first six weeks of school runs out of the eleventy billion school runs that I will have to do for both children from now until the end of time. Quite often they have been more like school lets-pick-up-every-acorn-on-the-planet-ever-and-ignore-mummys-frantic-chivvying, school mummy-lugs-two-scooters-and-a-child-up-the-never-ending-hills-because-both-changed-their-minds-and-now-don’t-want-to-scoot, or even school mummy-drags-smallest-child-who-wants-to-sit-on-the-floor-not-walk-up-the-hill-while-screaming (mummy or the child? I’ll let you decide) Arrgghh. And my pockets are full of acorns.

So we all need a rest. And, blissfully, we have nothing planned. I fully intend to stay in my pjs for as long as possible each morning just because I can. On the frugal side of things pyjama wearing until late morning is quite beneficial as I am unlikely to be able to go anywhere to spend any money while wearing my dressing gown, and it takes about three hours to get us all dressed anyway (and that’s just the four year old deciding what to wear). So spontaneity is out of the question.

I do have vague plans other than lazing around. I’d like to do all the things that I know the four year old likes doing but can’t now she’s at school. Cake making, going to the park and play dough are always at the top of her list (if she had one, which she doesn’t). Luckily they are things that a) can be done very frugally b) make me seem like a fun mum and c) who doesn’t love cake? Throw in the odd visit to Granny and we have a winner of a week.

Meanwhile, I am aware of the general hype slowly building around halloween and trying my best to ignore it. I have to admit something – I don’t do Halloween. I think it is the rampant americanisation of it all. I prefer the more traditional aspects of it like carving pumpkins and, well, that’s about it. In previous years, I could just ignore it and the children were none the wiser, although we did pumpkins. This year however, the four year old is obviously a bit more switched on so I will have to be armed with excuses legitimate reasons as to why we are not traipsing round on a trick-or-treat outing. Hopefully it will be raining….. We will carve pumpkins next week though. Very handily, Granny grew some on her allotment this year so we have two rather fine and giant specimens to attack. I have a feeling a chainsaw might be required.

…..nice pumpkins

In the event of no rain, I will probably have to dust off the ‘oh dear, we’ve run out of sweets, here’s an orange’ line for anyone unfortunate enough to try their luck at trick-or-treating. I simply refuse to buy sweets to hand out willy nilly for no reason. I have heard that there’s some sort of rule that if you have decorations or pumpkins outside the house then trick-or-treaters are welcome, and if there’s nothing, DON’T KNOCK. Well I have never had anything outside the house but last year we had plenty of uninvited knockers, all of which went away looking slightly miffed, their buckets a bit heavier, their loot a bit healthier. Let’s hope that this year they gen up on the rule book.

Bah humbug. Or perhaps Bah pumpkin. Or something.

Last years pumpkin carving

On the other hand, bonfire night is coming!!!! Our village always has it’s bonfire night on the last weekend of half term even though it is still October, probably just for a bit of village vs village oneupmanship. Ha! Look at us, we’ve done ours. As a complete contrast to Halloween, I am all for a bit of 5th November festivities. I would much rather commemorate the almost assassination of a king and capture of a would be regicide with arsenals of pyrotechnics, mountainous conflagrations, sacrificial effigies and flaming torches than go door to door collecting buckets of E numbers for reasons lost in the sad commercialisation of traditional rituals. But that’s just me. Conveniently it is a free event, with just the price of two garish flashy wands (yes, I know, that is also commercialisation but at least they won’t rot their teeth) and a bit of change in the bucket being the usual expenses. A huge bonfire on the green and a jolly good load of fireworks. It’s a great night (hopefully it won’t rain…..)

For anyone wondering about this big move I have mentioned once or twice before, we haven’t gone anywhere yet. Still waiting for actual dates but things are slowly, oh so slowly, creeping forward. The thing about this is that we do love where we live at the moment, so apart from the mounting frustration and desperation at wanting to begin the next adventure, it’s not at all bad –  the school child gets more time at a truly fantastic school with her lovely friends, I get more time within easy reach of my parents and friend network in the village, I have plenty of time to sort and clear out all the cupboards ready for packi…hahahaha!! (Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face, that is sooo not what I am doing!) and we don’t miss out on BONFIRE NIGHT (wahoooo!!). The smallest child is a bit oblivious tbh so he is fine, but it’s only poor Mr B, stuck with his commute, who is not benefiting from hanging around here. Someone get the violins out.

Happy half term everyone!