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Hello, my name is Stephanie and welcome to my small corner of the blogosphere. I am a wife to a wonderful husband and mum to two small ones. Who are also wonderful, bonkers and infuriating cute. Currently, I am a sleep deprived stay at home mum, and for all its bad points, I couldn’t enjoy it more (well, that’s a lie, more sleep would help).

Three (more) things about me: I am fueled by tea, I love cake, I can’t sing.

OK, that was me. What about Blackberry Mummy? Well, that is also me. This site is where I have started blogging about our family’s journey into the land of frugality and saving money on a large scale, with big plans in mind. Our grand plan is to rescue Mr. B from the three and a half hour commute to the big smoke by moving to the countryside and running our own business, from our own land. Probably tourism related, possibly involving safari tents and yurts. I’m being purposely vague as the plan keeps morphing, but the basic outline is concrete: Land in the countryside.

Spot the baby. Fun game.

Spot the baby. Fun game.

Why do we want this?

There are a couple of reasons:

  1. We want to spend more time together as a family. Mr. B feels like he is missing out on time with us; we feel like we are missing out on time with him. By changing the way we earn our living we are hoping to fix this issue and readdress the balance between work and family life.
  2. Having achieved our goals of having babies, buying a house and building a career, maintaining the status quo for the next however many years until retirement looked very dull. We needed to make a change and start doing something we actually wanted to do. Read more here

How are we going to do this?

It didn’t take us long to realise that what we needed to make this move was money. That we didn’t have. So we have taken the plunge into the world of frugality; saving money in a big way and living a simpler life. Here  and here is how we plan to do so. A common misconception is that living frugally to save money means depriving oneself and being miserable about it. Lies I tell you. A simpler life is not about deprivation, it is all about prioritising the future over small short-lived things in the present. It’s exciting and fulfilling – the opposite of what it seems from the outside. While we are not aiming for Financial Independence or Early Retirement (both common frugal living goals), the feeling of investing in our family’s future every time we pay into our savings account has been really rewarding.

Why blog about it?

I wrote a whole post about it here, but in brief: Accountability is one reason. If I go around telling people about our plans for saving money, I feel like I have to actually do it! Secondly, it is to hopefully illustrate that a frugal lifestyle is easy to achieve, even with kids. It is no secret that kids are expensive little tykes but I want to demonstrate that it is still possible to save money in a big way and without compromising their (or our) lifestyle. We are a normal family, living a normal life but doing an abnormal thing with our money; saving, not spending. And living a simpler life because of it. I hope to show you that it is not a difficult thing to do, that it is worthwhile and if we can do it anyone can (kids or no kids)!

How I wrote this page. I need longer arms.

How I wrote this page. I need longer arms.

Join us on our frugal journey, maybe we can inspire you.

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Faith A.

    Good luck on your frugal journey!
    Moving to the country has definitely changed our lives massively, with my husband able to go back to working in the charity sector with no London commute. Luckily I can work from home, and now we have much more space and time together as a family.
    Definitely agree that a simpler life shouldn’t be about deprivation, but living life to the full on less money.

    1. Blackberry Mummy Post author

      Thank you! Its great to hear that it worked for you, gives me hope! We’re in it for the long run so it’s good to know it does pay off.


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